The Cylon circuit

I’ve been working through the Arduino starter kit tutorials, but since I’m already familiar with wiring things together, I wanted to spend less time playing with wires and more time playing with circuit design.

After doing some research for Arduino emulators, I came across This site seemed to be the best of breed when it came to being able to work across systems as well as being uber easy for a semi-newb like myself.

And from the time I was young, I had always wanted to make cylon lights for my motorcycle. So, low and behold.  The circuit!


In the beginning there was tech

So, like 30 years ago plus some change, Tron happened. That started me off on numerous fantasies on building computers and robots.

While I delved into robotics a tiny, tiny, bit back in the 90s, I’ve finally started playing with it again. This blog is my project tracker for all things in that realm.

Have an uber amount of fun with it! I know I will!